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so im new to this community, and am very happy to be a part....

my day went great! this was day 3 in my fast, and i consumed (roughly) about 90 calories. most of which came from the skim milk in my coffee. i have lost 9 lbs in these past three days and feel sooooo proud! i collectively have consumed around 200 calories in these past few days! not too shabby. i would be a lot happier if it was zero. so,  i was unable to jog cause of the rain today : (  but i still feel well accomplished in the excercise department. i want to lose at least another 30 lbs, which seems miles away...

the bad news is that im completely out of cucumbers and baby spinache. i have to go to the supermarket tomorrow in case i breakdown and need to eat something. i could always resort to a pickle (wow, saliva just pooled in my mouth) but i would prefer to stay away from the sodium. 

can i just thank the brilliant person who created zero calorie salad dressing, they make my cucumbers taste yummy!

about 7 yrs ago, someone said to me "wow, u must really hate food if you can go 11 days without a bite of anything! i don't know how you can go so long without thinking about it!" 
those words have always rang through my head over and over....we all know it's quite the opposite.....when you haven't eating ANYTHING for days, . ALL u think about is food........ 
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