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hey!! ima newbie!!

hi everyone!! im new to this community and hopin its really active and supportive!!! mkay so im gessin yall mite wanna know a bit about me so here goes:
name: KayKay
sex: female...yup yup ima chik
disorder: im nt diagnosed so i gess i hafta say ed-nos bt basically i hav ana tendencies i <3 to fast and restict it gives me a feeling like no other 
bmi: 18.8- underweight
height: 5'2" {i thought i was 5'3 bt i was recently told diffrently}
cw:103 :^| {nt to good}
lw: 98/99 {tha best i felt in a long time}
hw: 117or so :'^[ im disappointed to say
gw1: 100
gw2: 99
i know my goals are rly that far away bt i dnt wanna set myself up for a huge disappointment
i am/was a member of almost perfect a few months ago bt then had to stay away from all these sites cuz of suspicious fam and frinds bt now im bak and cant wait to meet and get to know all of you!!! if any of u need anything or hav ne questions jus comment and ill do my best to help u or answr ne questions!! 
ok so how hav i been doing??...actually pretty well
july 4th~ i had a bbq hamburger 
july 5th~ i had a reg sized fried chicken breast from popeyes
july 6th~ 1 med apricot
july7th-july 12th~ nothing
july 13th~ its 11:30am and still nothing
i hav been drinking all that i want bt thats tha food ive consumed...well this is a huge post sry bout that bt now thats enogh about me...
how has evryone been doing? wat hav yall been up to? 
think thin babes 
<3 kay kay

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