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We are The proud

We are Compassion

Perfection and Destruction
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"I need Perfection."
Chant it. Scream it.
Bleed for perfection. Die for perfection.
Live for it. Think about it, forever, always.
We are the starved, alive, lifeless, proud, free, prisoned, bleeding,
imperfect, beautiful, ugly, thriving, prideful, jealous, haughty, we are
the ones who need that.. perfection.

Interested in this community? Really perfection doesn't always have to do with an eating disorder. Really it isn't all about self discpline, restriction, razors, or hurting yourself. Perfection isn't who you are. Everyone strives to be somebody "perfect" in their mind, and most will die for it. Yes this community is mainly for people suffering, or thriving with an ed. It's for those of us who self destruct ourselves, with pretty blades, or gruesome sharp objects. But, it is for anyone. Anyone with a yearning to be something they are not, perfect. What breed of perfect? Who knows.. To what extent do you plan to go to become that it you are looking for.. Who knows. But this community is for you. It is not for those who look down upon people being who they are, and it is not for those who are trying to shake bad habits. It is for those who are looking for a source of strength, helpful friends, and but of course their pure beauty as they see it.

Still interested? Well if you would like to join this commmunity you should of course expect all the above to be apparent. There will be no judgemental, hateful comments. There will be no put downs, and most of all everyone is to be themself, and talk about who they want to be, get help with it, and help others to reach their own personal goals. A little corny, but hey who isn't really corny when it comes to being compassionate? These are basically the rules, and above all kids use your commmon sense, and spread the word.

When you do join the community, here is what the first entry should look like:

What you plan to get and accomplish with the aid and help of this community
What you plan to do to help your fellow members
And what makes you want to be your breed of perfection

Other than that go crazy! Do anything and everything. Not complete mayhem, but feel free to be yourself. I do ask although that if you do post pictures, which I hope some people do, they are behind an lj cut. Be creative, be daring, and be you!


Violentlips <3