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i ate so much today its disgusting. i calculated how many calories i had today and it was 935. i feel absolutely disgusting. i could have done so good today, if it werent for that damn doctors appointment. i knew he would want to take blood, so i ate a"good and healthy" lunch. but then idky, but i had a 150 cal bag of salt n vinegar chips and i wanted to throw up ever since. im terrible at it and nothing ever comes up so ugh w.e. i hate this. im at the minimum weight for someone my height and age, but i absolutely hate myself. i bought a pair of jeans today that were a size 24 (they ran big, obviously cuz i am NOT a 24), and my friends confirmed that since i lost the 10 pounds, i look like a little boy. my boobs have gone down a full size which is a total pain, none of my jeans fit, along with my shirts. im happy about this but at the same time, it means i have to hide a really big part of my life from my best friends and my boyfriend, and my parents are heartbroken. ugh what should i do??? please help.
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